Measure to combat the drug trade

Government and measure to combat the drug trade

The government has taken measures to combat the drug trade and the war method they have further use to curb it includes an introduction of stiff penalties. These penalties cover and range from placing property huge fines, forfeiture to imprisonment for all those individuals that are found with drug possessions. Penalties attached to drug trafficking may differ, but in the majority of places, these penalties were placed with the aim to be harsh enough to demotivate individuals from selling drugs and using them. However, this has not been able to reduce drug use further research shows that the drug use, as well as drug trafficking, has increased irrespective of the penalties and the attacks they are currently pursuing.

Hence, by adopting a change of approach making the general public aware of health and other hazards associated with this and legalizing its use might have some chances of reducing the use of it. This strategy has worked for alcohol and tobacco, smoking and can also be successful for drug use. This is further attributed to the fact that the current drug prohibition does not stop the market simply that has submerged under the mantle of illegality, and when a business is a crime, criminals will take part in it. According to the UN, the drug trade generates $ 400,000 million annually, which represents 8% of world trade, comparable to the textile industry.

Incorporating Legalisation

This prize is an irresistible temptation for criminals. This market is lucrative as well as having the means and opportunity towards entering into the business as these drugs are easily available and citizens are engaging in it, in order to gain in this lucrative market. By incorporating Legalisation, it would dramatically reduce the price of drugs, ending the high costs of production and trading which include a prohibition which will further help in reducing the attraction due to which the general public is entering into this business.

Legalizing Drugs

Apart from this, by legalizing drugs, the government can make the manufacture of such substances within the scope of the regulations specific to a legal market. Under the ban, there is no quality control or sale of standardized doses. This has led to high mortality rates due to overdose or poisoning by drugs. The drug has spread its tentacles into the political life of countries. Important political figures throughout the world have been linked to personalities and money related to drug trafficking Perhaps here lies the reason why the drug war intensifies every year.

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