Michael Phelps Raced a Great White Shark


To kick off Discovery Channel’s yearly ‘Shark Week” Michael Phelps raced a Great White shark. The show titled “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White” was aired on Sunday 22 July 2017.  People wondered if the greatest living male human swimmer could defeat the Great White shark. 

However, here’s the catch Phelps raced a  computer simulation of a Great White shark. In interviews which lead up to the broadcast, Phelps admitted that he did not get in the water with a shark and then race it, which was inevitably dangerous. Furthermore, the show told the viewers that the simulated shark was not a fins and blood shark. On the other hand, the race was still finished with starting gun and dramatic music. The race was treated as if it actually happened, but still, could not make up to our expectation.

The producers kept things dramatic until the end when the simulated shark surged ahead of Phelps and “won the race”. Phelps eagerly told the cameras after he had just finished “racing a shark”, “You really see the speed that the animal has, how many different gears they can switch into when they really need to.” Actually, you cannot it’s not the real GREAT WHITE SHARK!

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