A New way to beat traffic jams

Chinese Company

A Chinese company is introducing a new and innovative way to beat traffic jams with the world’s fist self-directed flying taxi. This is basically a giant quad-copter which has been designed for transporting a single passenger only. This is a pilotless drone which has no controls, no joystick or steering wheel, no buttons or switches or even a control panel. The entire equipment inside the cabin consists of a small table stand and a seat for the passenger. To use it the passenger simply gets into the cockpit, uses the installed mobile app and chooses his/her destination. The drone navigates itself, so obviously a pilot’s license is not required.

More About The Drone

The drone is being launched by the company Hauzi Hu and CEO of the company Ehang said that it has been a lifelong goal of his to make flight faster, easier and more convenient than before. This independent flying taxi is a viable solution to transport challenges and will probably have a global impact upon the mode of transportation faced by commuters in every country. This drone is suggestive of innovations in the transport industry, and is like a dream that has come true for commuters who are stuck in traffic jams and miss appointments, deadlines and with modification can also transport patients who need to reach hospitals as soon as possible.

Design and Construction

Regarding its design and construct the 184 drone has one passenger, eight propellers, and four arms. It is about 4.9 feet in height and has a weight of around 220 kilograms. It is designed to carry a load capacity of 220 pounds for around 23 minutes in one flight. The average cruising speed of the drone will be 100 km/hr. It is not known when this new invention will be in commercial use. Although the company has developed several prototypes but mass production will probably take at least one year because of many regulatory hurdles for the regular and commercial use of this drone.

Transport Innovation

This new transport innovation might not be successful commercially because of various factors like high rise buildings, overhead transmission lines landing space etc. However, the thought of such an invention is truly exciting. After it overcomes all the hurdles of regulations etc and irons out other problems mentioned above it will certainly be exciting to see the fruition of this scheme being pressed into service some years from now. Whether this drone taxi is successful or is just another dream will be seen a few years from now.

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