Research: Hollander Trust and Loyalty Are Two Binding Elements


According to Hollander (2012), trust and loyalty are two binding elements in the leader-follower relationship. Critically examine research that explains how trust and loyalty can be established between leaders and followers.
Present some examples of trust-based relationships between leaders and followers that have led to positive outcomes.


 Marking schedule for Part B:

  • 10% of marks are allocated to the presentation of the essay.
  • The student’s work should be typed with clear use of paragraphs and headings.
  • Typographical and spelling errors should be avoided. 10% of marks are allocated to appropriate referencing of content.
  • Students should familiarise themselves and make use of the APA referencing system and should cite and reference material properly.
  • Students should make use of a range of resources (books, journal articles etc) and the literature used should be appropriate to the arguments made. 60% of the marks are allocated to the analysis presented in the essay.
  • Students should examine appropriate theoretical concepts and frameworks.
  • Students should demonstrate an awareness of the wider context and present an in-depth discussion of current issues.
  • Better students will demonstrate critical analysis skills and communicate their arguments in a clear and coherent manner.
  • 20% of marks are allocated to the conclusions drawn.
  • The conclusions should identify the key themes or issues under consideration.
  • Conclusions should be well supported by the analysis and highlight the significance of arguments, evidence, and insights    

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