Research Paper: Analysis and Importance of Nursing Theories

Nursing Theory

ANursing theory” is a planned and methodical way of expressing viewpoints that are related to written or verbal inquiries about nursing which provide nurses with the opportunity to explain, envisage, give details and manage observance and facts about nursing practice. The purpose of the nursing theories was to formally establish nursing as a renowned and accepted profession and assist nurses in organizing the delivery of healthcare to patients. Nursing theories are the basis for making nursing a concentrated profession and what differentiates it from other occupations. These established theories are what provide reviews, influence events and measure nursing precision.

They make provisions for looking at the nursing profession in a critical manner and provide a rationalization for gathering consistent and dependable data about the health status of patients which are essential for operational determinations and execution. The theories assist in ascertaining standards for judging the worth of nursing care. The nursing theories develop an ordinary and widespread vocabulary that can be used for communicating with other health competencies. Nursing theories also improve the independence for the definition of its own self-supporting roles. The theories also provide an outline for syllabus planning and for directing elements of the subject that are to be taught.

Most Nursing theorists expound a different concept about nursing theories. Theorist Imogene King states that nursing theory describes the ways and means of human relations and communication, while Betty Neuman is of the opinion that the role of the nurse is for helping patients to remain in good health which means the degree or physical, emotional and mental health of the patient and nursing means the attributes, characteristics, and functions of the nurse providing care to the patient. Nursing theories are practiced in different ways in organizations. Nurses treating psychiatric patients in a facility might adhere to King’s model for guidance and their relationship and communication with patients.

Nursing care given at home might find it better to use Neuman’s model so that patients stay healthy in their own homes. All nursing concepts are about the type of nursing care and their ultimate objectives. A psychiatric nurse may have the aim of her patients being more communicative while a nurse treating some other form of sickness would have the objective that the patient in her care recovers completely.   When nurses working for the same facility adopt one of the several theories of nursing, everyone understands each other. This ensures that they can share their progress and experience with their colleagues and be sure of uniformity in patient care.

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