Research Paper on Analysis of COFCO

COFCO Limited

COFCO Limited is the largest supplier of different goods and other related services in the agribusiness and food industry in China. COFCO Corporation is a company that is wholly owned by the government of China. Its main areas of operation are in agro-trading, food and beverages, manufacturing, bio-energy, finance, hotel and tourism industry, packaging and real estate. . The company has its headquarters in China and rarely operates outside China. It does not publish any annual reports about its activities since it is not a publicly traded company. Being a diversified company, COFCO carries out business operations through several subsidiaries and sister concerns.

These include COFCO Agri-Trading Co., Ltd, China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited, China Foods Limited, COFCO Development Co., Ltd., China National Native Produce & Animal By-products Import & Export Corporation, Tunhe Corp., COFCO Property (Group) Co., Ltd., COFCO Packaging and COFCO Financial Services Department. The products of the groups are supplied under different brands such as Great Wall, Gloria, and Le Comte to mention just a few. The government of China initially established COFCO as part of its efforts to provide healthy and nutritious food at reasonable prices throughout the country and improve the general standard of living of the population.

COFCO’s major areas of concentration were providing logistics support for small farmers to enable them to reach far-flung markets and also provide them with the latest technological innovations to increase their production outputs to maintain constant supply and stability in the food chain. COFCO is striving tirelessly to provide food which conforms to international nutritional and safety standards. However, this is quite a difficult task taking into consideration the enormity of the organization. Such issues hinder the continuous growth of COFCO and have damaged the company’s financial stability and operational structure of the company.

This created great opportunities and challenges for a company which brought about major changes. Globalization is driven by international trade with the help of information technology because it is an interactive and integrative process. Globalization has had a profound on the environment, on different cultures, upon political systems and on economies and communities throughout the world. COFCO is the fifth largest exporter and the fourth largest importer of agricultural produce in the world and globalization has brought in much needed foreign capital which has helped the company to maintain its quality and growth. Globalization also gave access to COFCO to many international markets which helped it to align itself with market-oriented management policies and procedures.

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