Research Paper on Critical Challenges faced by W.H.O

W.H.O had faced various challenges since its inception. The formation of an organization, which could provide world-class health facilities, was indeed a cumbersome task and there were various delays for its startup. For instance, there were unnecessary delays for signatures from various participating nations such as Japan, Germany and U.S.A. Due to this reason, W.H.O had focused on the fulfilment of health-care as well as human development goals for preventing fatal chronic diseases which had been previously neglected or were never focused upon. The biggest challenge which W.H.O has faced since its formation has been the eradication of poverty and hunger. The inadequate nutrition which has been provided by underdeveloped countries which help in contributing to fatal diseases for mothers and children. Another major challenge has been growing rates of overweight as well as obesity which is also linked towards a heavy increase in chronic diseases which includes AIDS, HIV, Cancer and diabetes, etc. These conditions have been highly life-threatening but UN has made various efforts to mitigate such issues.

Another massive challenge which has been of quite a concern for the United Nations has been the mental health disorders problem. Since centuries, the poor and unprivileged have often born the biggest burden for mental disorders and have always had a lack of access for access to treatment and care for their mental problem. The W.H.O has made various efforts to improve the health standards of those living in abysmal conditions.

Constant exposure towards stressful events, highly dangerous and volatile living conditions and poor health has contributed highly towards a high vulnerability of the poor and unprivileged people. Lack of access towards affordable healthcare has made the problem more severe and has thus led towards a vicious circle of poverty which causes problems which are almost impossible to be solved. The W.H.O along with several other governmental and non-governmental organizations has made strategic efforts for the eradication of mental health issues. The W.H.O has made several intensive research reports on these issues and according to those reports such disorders can be prevented and cured and most of its prevention, cure and treatment is highly affordable.

This has certainly been a massive challenge for W.H.O which it has been unable to solve since its very inception through consistent efforts have been made over the passage of time. More than 80% of people who are suffering from schizophrenia and other psychological disorders can only be treated with antipsychotic drugs which are combined with family and health care intervention.  Psychological disorders and mental stress is already one of the biggest causes of global healthcare issues. It is estimated that by 2020, mental stress and disorder will be the 2nd most fatal health issues behind heart-related issues. Health care professionals in W.H.O are highly concerned about this problem because more than 45% of countries across the world have no specific mental health policies and procedures and more than 28% have no specific mental and health-care programs. More than 22% of countries across the world have no sufficient mental and health-care legislation.

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