Research Paper on Factors that Influence Individuals with Sensory Loss

Information accessible to people suffering from sensory loss, effective communication, supportive team, and aids for support are some factors that impact sensory loss positively. Whereas, interests, hobbies, mobility, difficulties to dress and feed themselves, awareness, and communication are those factors that can influence it negatively. Information, knowledge, development, options, belonging, participation, choice, involvement, and inclusion are some examples of how the lives of people suffering from sensory loss can be influenced positively by efficient communication. Similarly, a better perception of life can be provided by a supportive team as a positive impact. Moreover, loop system, large print, audio, augmentative approaches, ICT, Tandoma, use of color/fonts Makaton, BSL, and Braille are some of the examples of how accessible information can influence suffering individuals positively. On the other end, the lives of suffering individuals can be influenced negatively by interests, hobbies, and mobility as they may end up experiencing loneliness and may feel scared. Individuals can have quite ignorant and prejudiced behavior towards them.

In overcoming the negative impacts on people suffering from sensory loss can consider certain steps. For example, if a person is suffering from sight impairment then he or she must assure that he or she is carrying glasses all the time and also that they are clean and the person can visualize through them. Secondly, it must be assured that there are no hurdles present in the area for preventing the sufferer from bumping into or tripping over things.

Third, the environment must be kept similar and the new movement of items must be informed to the sufferer so that it is quite easy for them to move around. Whereas, maintaining a well-lit and quiet environment can be one of the steps that can be used to overcome negative factors in the case of any individual who has a hearing impairment. Other than this, it must be assured that the hearing aids of the sufferer are working properly. Lastly, they must be informed about different organizations and groups that can provide them adequate support when in need.

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