Research Paper on Impact Of Economy On Tuition Fees

The thought that arises from the literature highlights the communal factors that affect the performance of the student in the college which consists of external forces that are not related to the environment of the college or personal life of the student for example rates of unemployment. Fortunately, it is present in the literature that in which way employment market influences the choice of a student regarding completing the subjects in order to obtain the degree. It is believed that students can be induced to search for shelter in the college by the economic situations like tight employment market. For instance, when there is an increment of 1% in the rate of unemployment, the increment also occurs in the attendance of old students by 4% and enrollment for young students by 0.5%.

The students of the public college are more sensitive to the variations in the employment market who are in a position of the school and work. Students will remain the part of college even after the increase in the cost of tuition when the employment market is tight. Even after the increment of tuition cost in the majority of the colleges, increase quantities of students are enrolled in the public colleges and institutions. However, the influence on the achievement of student in the class is still doubtful.

The review of the literature reveals that there are many flaws in the literature as the findings from the study are not conclusive. This is also agreed upon by many researchers that the ambiguity prevails in this research area that needs further work. One of the ways of addressing this flaw is to include the variables that act as control variables that are excluded from existing studies. It is also seen that the literature is collected mainly from the enrolment rates based on the introduction and increase in the tuition feed. It is suggested from results that tuition will help in the instant completion of the subjects as compared to other procedures like the completion of a degree or transfer rates because these are the long duration objectives. As completion of subjects is directly related with the success of the student, obtaining a way like appropriate tuition enhances can have main strategy effects for the completion of college]]>

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