Research Paper on Resistance to Change in Tesco

Resistance to change is common, whenever a change is implemented in an organization. Whenever any change takes place in a company; it is not the company that changes but the employees of the company. Some of the potential factors that can lead to resistance to change are the impacts of groups and individuals, power, policies of the organization, the organizational behavior and culture. The resistance to change can also lead to different types of conflicts, such as inter-group, intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts. The key sources of these conflicts can be, limited resources capabilities, conflicting objectives, and different point of views, conflicting personalities, different styles, poor leadership, and poor communication. These conflicts can be managed through compromises, avoidance, obligations, and integrations. The potential factors included in resistance to change can be removed through support and training.

The employees of Tesco will be the major resistance to change who do not want to bring the respective changes to the self-service system. The type of resistance can be major or minor, attitudinal or verbal or behavioral, indirect or direct, active versus passive, or collective versus the individual. Proper measures will be identified by Tesco, for the management of the change process.

The process of management of the resistance will include facilitation of the impacts, the explicit or implicit force, the compromise and negotiation, communication and education, and the involvement and participation. One of the significant procedure for resolving the issue of resistance is the involvement and the participation of main shareholders. A vital role is played by an individual involvement and a proper solution is sought out. The efficiency of resolving the resistance will be brought through everyone’s participation.

In addition, the process of communication and education can be applied when the key shareholders are not aware of the advantages that may be gained through the usage of the self-service system. The procedure for making an employee communicative and knowledgeable can bring the cooperation of shareholders and their productivity in a positive manner.

Moreover, when there will be a division with respect to the resistance of the group, compromise and negotiation may arise. It is also one of the possible methods of resolving the issue and can resist the issue and make employees work together as a team. In addition, when the resistance is required to sort out immediately, the explicit and implicit force can be used to resolve the resistance. In addition, the change can be brought through facilitation or providing the impact of authority.

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