Research Paper on the Causes of Divorce

Marriage is a beautiful experience but in some cases and for some people it can turn out to be the worst experience of one’s life. It is the most intimate of the bonds and whether good or bad, has an everlasting impact on one’s personality, psychology, and behaviors.

Recent years have seen a growing trend of marriages ending in divorce. The divorce rate in America has reached up to an alarming 50%. The causes for this may be various. The communication gap between the two partners is one of the most common reasons for divorce. The inability to find a common ground due to differences in belief, perspective, expectations, or interests tends to get the marriage quite inefficient and complex. Lack of communication often results in disagreements and continued disagreements infuse in partners a frustration which makes them argue time and again. Another common reason for a marriage ending in a divorce is financial problems. Financial constraints often add the final nail to the coffin when couples already have a shaky level of compatibility.

It must be remembered that communication is essential in any relationship and issues can never be resolved unless they are communicated in a mild and gentle manner. Marriage also requires a lot of patience, tolerance, and understanding of the fact that your partner is a person from an entirely different family background and it’s natural if you two disagree. Marriage is a decision of a lifetime and should be taken in all sensibility and not in any kind of haste.

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