Role of HR in Organizations

Importance of Human Resource Management

Employees are key assets of an organization, it is essential that the management attempts to identify the factors that keep them motivated to increase productivity. Human resource is a key asset for any organization. Most organizations consider human resource management as an administrative function and fail to understand the importance and need to align these functions with their strategic plans.

Goals of Global Human Resouce

Changes in the global conditions create a significant impact on the HR practices. Today, as the talent has increasingly become mobile it is easier to hire a talented workforce located in different countries. The demand for human capital is increasing particularly for highly skilled workers; therefore, it has become important to retain the exceptional talent in the organization. The focus has increased from attracting human capital rather than financial capital.

The key goals of a global human resource today include staffing and management of workforce diverse in culture and language skills that are dispersed in different nations. The human capital of an organization can facilitate in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage, which requires transforming the practices according to the rapid changes in the global business environment. Learning activities are essential for organizations to make sure that their employees are able to reach their learning objectives and add to the organizational performance.

Role of HR in Organizations

Organizations are faced with intense competition in the market, where they seek to ensure customer satisfaction through products and services. In this competitive environment, employees can assist organizations to sustain their competitive position and enhance the quality of product and services delivered. Organizations need to understand the importance of aligning the human resource functions with the company values, as they are continuously evolving and can create an impact on organizational performance. Human resource management is a crucial organizational part that chiefly deals with the “people” dimension.

HRM carries out several functions in an organization such as assisting the line employees or those that are directly involved in the production of goods and services for an organization. Every organization recruits individuals, develop their skills, acquire their services and keep them motivated for accomplishing augmented levels of performance. It is also crucial for the management to make sure that their employees are committed towards the accomplishment of objectives. This is true for all organization regardless of their nature of work including government, education, social, business, or recreational; recruiting and retaining good people is critical to organizational success.  Human resource management is viewed as the key component of any organization. It is considered as the heart of each company.

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