Role of Teamwork in Organization

Importance of Teamwork

Teamwork is not only about working in groups rather it focuses on identifying ways to work together to gain synergy. Although many organizations have recognized the importance of teamwork to compete in today’s business environment; however, it is a challenging task.

Effective Teamwork

They need to understand characteristics of teamwork development in their organizations and implement it accordingly. Effective teamwork requires all the members to work together towards a common purpose. It is important for the leader to ensure that it provides directions to the team members and support them in achieving organizational goals.

Every organization understands that it is imperative to create teams in their organization and allocate resources efficiently among them to maximize productivity. As a result of increased competition firms are finding it difficult to survive in the market; therefore, they should focus to achieve higher margins and greater profits through effective team building. The success of teams is dependent on their leaders to a great extent.

Several leaders have facilitated organizations to achieve growth with their different styles. Leadership is a process through which an individual can influence a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. The purpose of this influential process is to ensure organizational growth and development through team development. Teamwork is essential for every organization, which allows achieving organizational goals with mutual trust and collaboration among the members.

Factors Essential For an Effective Team

There are certain factors that are essential that determine the effectiveness of team performance that include communication, team orientation, mutual trust, leadership and shared mental models. Team members should work together to display the team’s attributes to improve team performance. The better the teamwork the more effective their performance will be. With increased team effectiveness, the output produced will meet the demands of those who review it.  Furthermore, team effectiveness results in greater team viability, which eventually leads to greater cohesion among team members. This also facilitates in making the team members feel more respected for the contributions they make for the team. Teamwork is a set of flexible behavior and attitudes through which the desired mutual goals can be achieved and it becomes possible to adapt to the changing internal and external environmental conditions. It is comprised of the skills, attitudes and knowledge that team members display for supporting other members and to achieve the objectives of the team.

Teamwork has been recognized as an important factor in achieving organizational success. Individuals work in teams to achieve mutually desired goals to enhance firm’s performance.

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