Facts You Need to Know About The Russian Sleep Experiment

About the experiment

The Russian Sleep Experiment is a horrifying urban myth that surfaced in 2010 on the horror material website “Creepypasta.” The thing starts with the description of the intended picture and purpose of the experiment in question. Five political criminals who had been declared enemies of the State by Russia during the late 1940s were to be experimented upon. The idea was that they would be kept in an enclosed glass space with only windows of five inch thick glass and microphones for the researchers to observe the experiment’s subjects as they were instructed to try to keep themselves awake for fifteen days by the end of which, they were led to believe, they would be freed. They were provided with a month’s supply of dried food, toilet and drain, books, and costs without bedding and left to try and keep themselves awake. The thing that made this experiment completely out of the ordinary was the fact that the enclosure was filled with a toxic gas for the subjects to be infected by so that their behavior thus could be documented.

Days after the incident

Five days passed without incident, after which all hell broke loose. The subjects were seen trying to avoid each other and whispering to themselves all the time. Then one subject started screaming uncontrollably and the others started to paste pieces of paper smeared with their feces on the glass of the enclosure. When finally after fifteen days they were offered freedom, they refused. And that was not nearly the end of it. The researchers found that one of the five had died, while the others can be tearing away flesh from him, each other, and even themselves in an attempt to stay alive and continue their exposure to the toxic gas, which they seemed to be addicted by. The subjects had torn each other to the point that most of their organs showed and despite the damage, something about the toxic gas had kept them alive.

One by one they started to die out, all ruthlessly fighting the researchers’ attempts to tend to their wounds. The even ended up injuring and even killing some of the researchers. The damage to them, even though it would have been fatal to normal human beings, was kept from killing them by some unexpected effect of the gas. In the end, with only two subjects remaining alive, the leader of the experiment was killed by one of the researchers, followed by one of the subjects. The legend ends with the researcher also killing the remaining subject, but not before he sends a chilling message reminding the researcher that he and his fellow subjects were the embodiment of the fears that every human being faces.

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