Scary Details About The Spirit of Karoly Takacs

The Spirit of Karoly Takacs

Karoly Takacs was born in Hungary in Budapest (Hungary) at the start of the last century in 1910. Takacs made a name for himself during his lifetime as one of the most inspirational stories ever to surface. He was a professional pistol shooter who was also enrolled in the army of the country. By 1936, he was renowned as one of the best pistol shooters in the world. But the 1936 Summer Olympics saw his first great roadblock in the course of his attempts to achieve his dreams by winning Olympic gold for his country. This was because he held the position of a sergeant in the Army when it was the commissioned officers who were eligible to compete in the Olympics for the country. But 1938 saw this inhibition removed and he was allowed to do so. In the build-up to the 1940 spectacle in Tokyo, a freak accident involving a faulty grenade in Army training meant that he lost the use of this right hand (he was a right handed shooter), as it was shattered along with what remained of his dreams at that point in time.

Two Options

Now the two options available to the man. One was to give up like most people would have done in his shoes. He had enough incentive to do so and no one would have had the gall to challenge such a decision. Or he could continue to pursue his dream by teaching himself to shoot with his left hand. He, of course, chose the latter, and the rest is history. After disappearing from the shooting scene for a year he returned at the National Shooting Championship. He went on to win the whole thing shooting with his left hand. Not only that, he went to win Olympic gold in 1948 in London in fairly convincing fashion.

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