Things you need to know about Heather Perry

Heather Perry is still a guru in the film production industry. She has always relied on the latest trends of technology to bring development and victory in her entire career. The duo is a prolific producer and director of a famous film firm. Besides relying on technology, she also has a bold character, and her dynamic nature has always been her stronghold. The duo also engages other experts in the field to ensure that she meets her targets and increase her level of production besides, she also focuses on pleasing her fans and as a result, she often involves them in most of her decision-making procedures. Continue reading “Things you need to know about Heather Perry”

World Cuisine


 The types of food people are coming to know are growing day-by-day. Our love for food is greater than ever. Food habits are shaped by environment, available ingredients, climate, and even factors like class and income. Though food is first and foremost a basic necessity, it is also a cultural symbol, i.e. Sushi is synonymous with Japan, fish and chips conjure up images of Britain, and tacos are associated with Mexico. Continue reading “World Cuisine”

Hospitality Businesses


Using the relevant current issues, theories and literature, write an essay comprised of the following broad topics/sub-sections:

Wherever possible you should answer the above requirements using practical examples from following organisations. Continue reading “Hospitality Businesses”

Quality Management – Hyatt Hotel

LO1 Understand the different approaches to quality management appropriate to commercial operations

  • Discuss definitions of quality in terms of business and services provision in general in the hospitality industry
  • Illustrate the processes of inspection and assurance especially in the Sheraton Hotels and Resorts
  • Discuss a range of approaches to quality management focusing on the case study
  • Explain the similarities and differences between the different methods explored in 1.3

Continue reading “Quality Management – Hyatt Hotel”

Scary Details About The Spirit of Karoly Takacs

The Spirit of Karoly Takacs

Karoly Takacs was born in Hungary in Budapest (Hungary) at the start of the last century in 1910. Takacs made a name for himself during his lifetime as one of the most inspirational stories ever to surface. He was a professional pistol shooter who was also enrolled in the army of the country. By 1936, he was renowned as one of the best pistol shooters in the world. But the 1936 Summer Olympics saw his first great roadblock in the course of his attempts to achieve his dreams by winning Olympic gold for his country. This was because he held the position of a sergeant in the Army when it was the commissioned officers who were eligible to compete in the Olympics for the country. But 1938 saw this inhibition removed and he was allowed to do so. In the build-up to the 1940 spectacle in Tokyo, a freak accident involving a faulty grenade in Army training meant that he lost the use of this right hand (he was a right handed shooter), as it was shattered along with what remained of his dreams at that point in time. Continue reading “Scary Details About The Spirit of Karoly Takacs”

5 Advantages Of The Quantitative Research Method

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is the collection and analysis of primary information. Studies of this kind are usually conducted when accurate, statistically verified numerical data are needed. At the heart of the methods of quantitative research are always clear mathematical and statistical models, which allows as a result to have precise quantitative values of the studied indicators. Continue reading “5 Advantages Of The Quantitative Research Method”

Research: Hollander Trust and Loyalty Are Two Binding Elements


According to Hollander (2012), trust and loyalty are two binding elements in the leader-follower relationship. Critically examine research that explains how trust and loyalty can be established between leaders and followers.
Present some examples of trust-based relationships between leaders and followers that have led to positive outcomes. Continue reading “Research: Hollander Trust and Loyalty Are Two Binding Elements”

Importance of salary surveys

Salary Survey


The first importance of salary surveys to an organization is that it provides vital benchmarking information for comparing salaries. This information is used by the management in making very important decisions in the organization. Secondly, salary survey provides useful information that can attract and retain the best talents in the organization and as such it is a very powerful tool for the human resource department. Thirdly, salary surveys are very important for startups as it helps understand their strength and the exposure that they face with regard to compensation. This helps the startups review its salaries and if make the necessary corrections if need be. Continue reading “Importance of salary surveys”

A New way to beat traffic jams

Chinese Company

A Chinese company is introducing a new and innovative way to beat traffic jams with the world’s fist self-directed flying taxi. This is basically a giant quad-copter which has been designed for transporting a single passenger only. This is a pilotless drone which has no controls, no joystick or steering wheel, no buttons or switches or even a control panel. The entire equipment inside the cabin consists of a small table stand and a seat for the passenger. To use it the passenger simply gets into the cockpit, uses the installed mobile app and chooses his/her destination. The drone navigates itself, so obviously a pilot’s license is not required. Continue reading “A New way to beat traffic jams”

Role of HR in Organizations

Importance of Human Resource Management

Employees are key assets of an organization, it is essential that the management attempts to identify the factors that keep them motivated to increase productivity. Human resource is a key asset for any organization. Most organizations consider human resource management as an administrative function and fail to understand the importance and need to align these functions with their strategic plans. Continue reading “Role of HR in Organizations”