Term Paper on Astrology

Sample Term Paper

Astrology is considered to be the study of the planets and the influences of their motion and placement upon the events of the world and lives of the people and their affairs. Horoscope on the other hand is valid for a particular moment of time and studies the pattern of the solar system and relates it to the happenings in one’s life.

When a baby is born, his or her natal horoscope is drawn usually. It is done so to understand the nature of the soul, the potential strengths and weaknesses, and destiny.

The planets are in constant motion all the time and because this motion is not random and very definitive, it is possible to predict the positions of the sun, moon, and planets for any period of time and analyze the potential influences of these positions on an individual’s life. These predictions are not absolute. They are just a rough estimate of the health, luck, and such general attributes which at times turn out to be extremely accurate and at others do not. Astrology’s other feature that people usually go for is the birth charts that people usually get made in order to check the compatibility of two people before they opt for marriage. The two charts are laid over one another and the extent of blending of the energy fields of the two people is analyzed based upon which it can be estimated as to how much unanimity can two people have.

Astrology has evolved pretty much over the years with more and more research being done. However, one should never take it seriously enough to base their actions on astrological predictions as nothing is absolute. One should live life to the fullest and try hard to attain whatever one wants.

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