Term Paper on Rulers of Egypt

Sample Term Paper

The rulers of Egypt were greatly respected by the masses. The Egyptians in the Egyptian civilization considered their ruler’s gods and hence idolized them. All matters of the state and of individuals were decided upon by the rulers and the Egyptians accepted them wholeheartedly. This reverence was of such extent that when these rulers died, they were still treated specially and huge pyramids were built in their honor and to provide them their last resting place.

The Egyptian rulers were termed Pharaohs. Upon their death, people did not cease to treat them specially. They were mummified and placed in pyramids where apart from them, their possessions were also placed. The pyramids required great effort and precision to be built. No modern methods of construction were available back then and building these pyramids required a lot of effort but the Egyptians’ love for their kings was so immense that they did it.

Centuries have passed but the pyramids still stand tall today reminding us of the great reverence the people had for their rulers.

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