The Company Case 5, GoldieBlox

The Company Case 5, GoldieBlox: Swimming Upstream against Consumer Perceptions

1.)    Of the factors that influence consumer behavior, which category or categories (cultural, social, personal, or psychological) best explain the existence of a blue toy aisle and a pink toy aisle? Why?

2.)    Choose the specific factor (for example, culture, family, occupation, attitudes) that you think most accounts for the blue/pink toy aisle phenomenon. Explain the challenges faced by GoldieBlox in attempting to market toys that “swim against the stream” or push back against the forces of that factor?

3.)    To what degree is GoldiBlox bucking the blue/pink toy aisle system?

4.)    If GoldieBlox succeeds at selling lots of its toys, will that accomplish the mission of increasing the presence of females in the field of engineering?

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