The Death Penalties or Rehabilitation treatments

Punishments should be equivalent to the crime one commits, but when it comes to death penalty, one halts and starts to reevaluate the system. The death penalty is also known as capital punishment. The death penalty is a serious punishment mostly given to those who have committed a serious crime. Is it justified to give death as a punishment rather than giving the subject a chance to turn a new leaf?  This question is very controversial.

Many countries have very strict laws regarding death sentence, but some societies are a bit flexible on this issue. The death penalty is given through various methods it includes beheading, hanging, shooting, electrical chair, and lethal injection. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, China, and the United States are listed among the countries with the highest rate of death penalties; China is on the top of the list. There are many laws that are made to reduce the percentage of death sentences. The sentence is often challenged on the basis of few fundamental principles, i.e. “Human dignity”, “prohibition of torture”, “the right to live” etc.

The convict’s death penalty can be brought to an end by laws such as Relevant Treaties, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, and Customary International Law. These laws mainly focus on the value of an individual life, neglecting the nature of the crime as the cause of the capital punishment.

The societies, which denounce the capital punishment, put emphasis on the process of rehabilitation.  Rehabilitation is a way to reconstruct the character of a convict. This is a shift of focus from punishment to cure.  The particular system has been introduced in prisons to channelize the negative energy of a criminal in a more creative and productive form. Prisoners are motivated to develop occupation skills, and to tackle their psychological complications. Rehabilitation is effective in many cases, but still, there are many cases, in which rehabilitation treatments have failed.

Choosing between capital punishment and rehabilitation is a difficult, but important decision. Authorities must thoroughly go through the cases of individuals to avoid the death penalties. Psychologists must also play their part to examine the mental condition of a convict. The criminal must be kept under observation before reaching any conclusion. The death penalty provides no guarantee to completely eradicate the crimes from any particular society, nor does rehabilitation promise to erase all lawlessness. Human life is of great importance; therefore, abundant attention must be paid on rebuilding the character of a convict rather than killing them.

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