The Shocking Truth About Essay Writing Services

BBC View About Essay Writing Services

Essay Writing Services has become a nightmare for university globally. According to BBC, Essay Writing Services has been providing services to students of various universities. Students have been approaching these services for academic writing help. According to the Quality Assurance Agency, these companies have been helping students pass their academic tasks.

Universities minister Jo Johnson has asked QAA to form guidelines to prevent students from using these websites. The following are the suggestion which he has given to QAA:

  • Ban advertisement and website of Essay Writing Service firms on campus
  • Create software to detect changes in students’ personal writing style.
  • Make it clear that cheats on assignment can get the student to miss out on their qualification
  • Make students aware of the academic policies and misconduct panels.
  • Improve support for whistleblowers

Amatey Doku, NUS vice-president for higher education, has stated that “Many websites play on the vulnerabilities and anxieties of students, particularly homing in on students’ fears that their academic English and their referencing may not be good enough.”

Source: BBC

How are we different?

Cheapest Writing Services is definitely not like other Essay Writing Services Firm BBC has focused upon. We are entirely different in many aspects.

  • We do not expose our clients’ information to any third party
  • The information of the transaction taking place is only between the company and the client
  • We do not make money by exploiting your weakness. We make money by helping you achieve your degree because we understand how difficult it is to get it.
  • The content which we provide is written from scratch we do not provide any plagiarized content.
  • We provide research intensive material which can be used as a study guide, or you can just submit it yourself – it is all up to you.
  • We make sure to help a student with our good research study guide so they struggle less and focus more on their objectives.
  • We do not overcharge our students. Our prices are fixed and occasionally we provide discounts to students because we are aware they are financially tied up.
  • Our objective is to not make money but to help students get your degree with less stress and anxiety.
  • We know education can be tough but you don’t need to give up your life for it as long as we are here to help you out.

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