Thesis on Coaching & Teaching: The Conflicts and Challenges of Dual Roles

For grueling and long workdays, one of the best methods is coaching. However, role strain, role pressure, and role conflict might take place due to the contradictory and various demands of coaching. These factors may differ according to personal experiences and motivation for coaching. It has been indicated by evidence that roles of coaching are mostly focused by coaches. The choices preferred by coaches are mostly influenced by external pressures, like administrators of schools, fans, boosters, and parents. For the grandeur of the sport, the role of coaching may be favored by the coach due to these pressures. After giving a short introduction to coaching, this article further highlights the professional types of coaches and teachers.

Various kinds of coaching responsibilities are found within 40% of all permanent secondary mentors. In order to acquire the position of coaching, teaching might be used slightly by the coach. However, a proper balance between the roles of teaching and coaching must be maintained by the coach. But, when there are low resources, energy and time, coaching becomes one of the basic priorities. In the school, most of the coaches are hired on the basis of their desire to coach and abilities of coaching.

One of the main factors due to which coaching is mostly preferred by individuals is the involvement of youth in sports. Opportunities related to coaching can be easily pursued by individuals that are coaching young athletes at the college or in high school. Other than this, most individuals are also interested in the coaching job due to success, delightful experiences and close contact in youth sports. It has also been found that in comparison to the teacher role, the coaching role is preferred more by sixty-three percent of pre-service students.

Moreover, there are different methods of managing role conflict between a coach and a teacher. A dual role of coaching and teaching is considered by most of the educators due to the common connection between athletics and physical education. An in-depth understanding of these differences is one of the most effective ways in order to manage these dual roles successfully.

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