Thesis on The Success of W.H.O (World Health Organization)

The organization aims at health care development and giving priority for promoting health care problems and treating the vulnerable. World Health Organization focuses on fostering and guaranteeing health security by providing the ability to defend the unprivileged and improving the regulations which are related to International Health. To address health problems, W.H.O provides adequate and highly trained staff, adequate funding, high-quality visual systems to analyze important statistics, and accessing the relevant technology. Over the past few years, the World Health Organization has operated within a highly complex and broad landscape which has extended into various sectors of opportunities related to healthcare.

W.H.O has been able to respond towards the AIDS epidemic which was spread by the establishment of UNAIDS and it’s a program that is related to various other UN associates including UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, and UNDP. UNAIDS is an action on AIDS which has been lead by the UN and W.H.O and it is affiliated with supporting programs for preventing transmission of this fatal disease, provides sufficient care for those people who have been infected, treats the vulnerable and promotes economic as well as the social impact of this disease. As a vital contribution towards humanitarian efforts and joint relief programs for UNO, several training workshops and international conferences have been co-sponsored by W.H.O to support their activities.

To support their activities in the long run, the World Health Organization disseminates information regarding various policies and procedures of the U.N and as a result, contributes to their activities at a national level (Park & Chiller 2009). World Health Organization is the major player in eradicating smallpox from many countries and other diseases like HIV, EBOLA, TB, and malaria are also given high consideration. STDs are also been the main focus of the World Health Organization to find a way to reduce it to a minimum. World Health Organization focuses on nutrition, food security and the development of healthy habits in public.

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