Truancy from school

What is Truancy?

Truancy is absences on purpose of students from school and which is not included in excused absences. Truancy invariably diploma. Some movies and books have romanticized truancy, but it has a very bad effect on a person’s life and career. The missed school time has a very serious effect on the student’s academic progress even if they are excused absences.

Attendance in School

Haphazard attendance in school reduces the useable affects the student’s school capability and progression, and studies have shown that students who are absent in lower classes are more likely to be truant high school, Such students, eventually drop out of school before the completion of their high school of learning including the ability to progress effectively. Poor attendance diminishes the effectiveness of instruction, the ability for constructive engagement with other students and the chance of being supported by one’s family members. Students who are frequently absent from school or cut classes are the ones who do not graduate or enroll in colleges for high studies.

Poor Attendance

Poor attendance in school is one of the major risk factors for school quitters and the severest indicator for leaving or dropping out of school before graduation which clearly shows up at all levels of schooling, elementary, middle and high school. This is the first indicator that the student will eventually drop out because he/she is not very interested in acquiring an education or earning a high school diploma.

School Practices

Many schools practice grade retention where the students are not allowed to advance to the next level for poor grades or absenteeism. This repeating the  previous grade has an adverse effect upon students including some health impacts which include increased emotional disorders like being overly aggressive during adolescence, more chances of smoking and using drugs, drunken driving, early engagement in sexual activities, violent  behavior and suicidal tendencies which effectively destroy their careers and invariably land them into trouble.

The percentage of such students completing their education is quite low compared to students who do not miss classes. Besides these short-term effects, the long-term effects include not being able to get stable better-paid jobs, better living standards and conditions and better medical conditions in accordance with their jobs and living standards. Because of absenteeism, some students are retained in the 9th grade more than once. This hurts the student’s ego of being older and in a lower than expected grade which is a contributing factor to his/her eventually dropping out of school because it reduces the student’s desire for continuing their education.

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