Trump’s Immigration Policies

Trump Ideas About Immigrants

Donald Trump has very different ideas about immigrants. According to him when politicians raise the issue of immigration they are talking about giving pardons to illegal immigrants and regularizing their illegal status so that they become American citizens. Illegal immigrants are the biggest source of cheap labor and they readily receive sponsors because they are paid less than American citizens and also because they are not eligible for other costs such as medical etc. Trump says that America is the only country in the world that puts the needs of aliens before the needs of its own citizens. He quotes that any nation that does not have recognizable borders cannot be called a sovereign country. America has very borders and illegal immigrants from all over the world.

Donald Trump Mexico

Trump says that a country that should implement its laws that were passed in accordance with the Constitutional system of government must be enforced. Mexico is the country that is most criticized as most illegal immigrants come from Mexico. He says that the government of Mexico gets rid of its criminal and impoverished population by sending them to America where they break American laws, attack American citizens and deprive them of jobs. They also cost billions of dollars in healthcare and other facilities that make these benefits more expensive for Americans even though the American taxpayer is bearing the burden of economic costs of the immigrants. Because these immigrants are undocumented there is no way to keep a check on them and they commit crimes with impunity because of the lack of checks and balances.

Build A Wall, Huge Wall

Trump says that he will build a high and long wall on the border with Mexico and he expects the Mexican government to share the cost of building this wall. Trump says that decades of ineffective immigration policies have virtually destroyed the American middle class. Unemployment has increased because immigrants are willing to work for much less than Americans and many employers prefer them because they cost less and do not make trouble or seek redresses in the country’s labor laws. Because of the competition for the available jobs, wages are being continuously going down while living costs are rising especially for housing and Medicaid. If the flow of immigrants was controlled, standards of living and salaries of American would rise. The immigrants themselves also suffer because they are exploited mercilessly and do not go to authorities for fear of being deported.

Illegal Immigrants

Besides immigrants from Asian countries like Korea and India have the qualifications, experience, and skills to fill vacancies in highly paid professions like IT, medicine and engineering. They also accept lower wages because of being used to lower standards of living and this invariably also Affects College educated Americans who by right should fill these vacancies. Immigrants also are changing American values and cultures because despite being in America they refuse to give up the culture and ways of their home countries and this corrupts the American way of life. Trump says that if illegal immigration was stopped the crime rate would be reduced, people would get jobs, housing and education and things will be much better

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