Types of Dysfunctional Families

Typical Reasons

Some of the typical reasons that dysfunctional families experience continuous conflicts may be that one or both the parents may be addicts or emotionally unstable because of constant use of drugs, alcohol, undiscriminating sexual behavior, gambling or other abnormalities that influence their children and other family members. Parents use emotional abuse or violence as the means of controlling their children. Some parents expect their children to be perfect in everything from getting high grades to achieving in sports and other activities and competitions. They expect their children to be impeccably dressed and groomed at all times or they will be thought of as failures. Read the article on “Types of Dysfunctional Families” further. 


The parents set certain standards and the children are expected to measure up to these high standards. This results in great tension for children who might develop or other hypertension issues. Although every parent wants his/her child to do good, sometimes expecting more than is the child’s capability irreparably damages his/her personality, and later the children themselves set impossible standards and consider themselves as failures if they fail to meet these high standards In other instances parents try to show too much love with the thought of helping the child in everything that he/she attempts. This destroys the child’s confidence and impairs his/her abilities to the extent that the child is perpetually dependent upon others to do things for them.


This type of person lives with his parents until they die, and then some older sisters or brothers are expected to take care of them because they cannot do anything for themselves. This creates lifelong dependency and the child and then the adult is completely useless and always a burden to others.   Some families like to be completely free of all responsibilities. No matter what happens, they just do not care enough as life is a perpetual breeze. This type of family gives too much freedom to the children who never learn right from wrong or shouldering their own responsibilities. When these children come to face with reality, they are harshly shocked since they are still living in fantasy land.

They have no real capacity for anything but being passive at all times and leave the running of the world and their lives to other people. Then there are families that have absolutely nothing in common. They have no sense of direction and each family member tends to go their own separate ways. Although there may be perfect families out there, it is basically very hard to come upon a family that is absolutely perfect. The parents are perfect, the children are achievers and life is just one smooth ride. Such perfect people may be out there, but it is difficult to locate them or not find anything wrong with them. It is practically impossible to come across one single family which does not have some form of dysfunctional behavior.

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