Using the Nmap Port Scanning Tool

Nmap Port Scanning Tool

The good thing about the Nmap port scanning tool is that is it not necessary to memorize each flag. Just by inputting the Nmap command scans all of the ports on whichever computer carries this IP address. But some attackers also have to avoid being detected by Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) or devices on the network that look for abnormal amounts or packets or pings target at their networks. And so, they opt for stealth.

This following gives a brief overview of how to use Nmap for quickly scanning a network.

The IP addresses being used are and The first thing is to boot the system into Linux with the BackTrack DVD. The system will have with BackTrack command shell. Type start X and enter at the shell prompt to get to the KDR desktop manager in BackTrack. Open the command shell with a click on the Konsole terminal icon at the panel taskbar. Use Nmap –h|less to display all of the Nmap commands available. The screen will show things like the Target Specification, the Host Discovery, and the Scan Techniques. After noting three options from the available, press q for exiting the help screen. SYN packets can be sent to IP addresses in the IP range by typing Nmap –sS –v and entering. Then, new SYN packets can be sent to new addresses in the IP range. Nmap can do this for a range of IP addresses. To send SYN packets to all IP addresses in the range, the command Nmap –sS –v can be entered. For the output in a scrollable format, the command Nmap –sS –v |less can be entered. Another parameter can be entered to the Nmap command for determining which computers in the specified range have the HTTP or SMTP service running. The outputs may vary, so the point here is only to get to know how Nmap commands are built to be used effectively.

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