What is a College Personal Statement?

College Personal Statement

It’s about you- Your personality, your ambitions, and your dreams.

The College Personal Statement is where you can be creative, while other aspects of your application are mainly academic. Sometimes it is interchangeable with an essay on a topic of your choice or assigned topic on a particular issue, whereas in some cases you will need to write both. Your personal statement reflects the glimpse of your personality to the college, which is why it should be about your ambitions and you as an individual.
Your personal statement showcases your writing skills as well as the thinking process in the form of an essay, where you connect your personal thoughts to the specified issue. This is how it is your unique take on the issue.

Colleges are constantly seeking signs of confidence in the candidates, however, there is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence. Students appearing overconfident in the tone of their writing or giving themselves personality traits (for instance visionary), end up overshooting their marks. Although it is not the make-up of weak stats, the structure of your brainstorming time could push you over the top, if you are a borderline candidate. Your personal statement is not regurgitated of your resume, rather it shows the admission committee of your achievements, accomplishments and who you really are as a person.

Taking some time to think about your experiences, passions, and interests are helpful in understanding your short and long-term goals. Bounce ideas off the challenges you have faced, adversities you have overcome, as well as consider your family and friends for cliché ideas.
Steer clear of making any inflammatory remarks.

Overused and controversial topics should be avoided at most, while it is fine to discuss your participation in any political group or event. You should always avoid hate language or prejudicial against any demographic, person, or group, or anything inappropriate that might bother people from different belief or point of view.

Your personal statement is the reflection of your personality. You are showing colleges who you are? Who is the person behind the application? How you think and deal with issues? How creative are you in thinking? What are your writing skills? These questions should be considered while writing the personal statement.

Your personal statement can make or break you. How you present your personality in the essay determines your success.

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