Where is Hurricane Irma?

Latest update about Irma

  • The Hurricane Irma is currently on a course for the Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas as a Category 5.
  • Hurricane Irma warnings have been issued for segments of the Greater Antilles and the Bahamas. 
  • Parts of the Bahamas and Cuba are likewise in the way of Irma in the not so distant future.
  • Irma is progressively prone to target parts of the Florida landmass as an unsafe typhoon this end of the week.
  • Parts of Georgia and the Carolinas could then be struck by Irma ahead of schedule one week from now.

More details about the Hurricane

Storm Irma, a conceivably cataclysmic Category 5 Hurricane, is presently full speed ahead for the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos before representing a genuine risk to Florida and parts of the Southeast starting this end of the week.

The following is all that we think about Irma at the present time, including its most recent status, alongside potential estimate impacts in the U.S. what’s more, the Caribbean Islands.

Irma’s Latest Status, Timing

  1. The focal point of Irma is found under 340 miles east-southeast of Grand Turk Island and is moving west-northwestward at around 16 mph.
  2. Irma’s most extreme maintained breezes are enduring at 185 mph in light of information from NOAA and Air Force Hurricane Hunter airplane, now for a dumbfounding 34 hours.
  3. Irma is pulling far from Puerto Rico and is required to touch the Dominican Republic and Haiti on Thursday. A managed twist of 55 mph with a blast to 70 mph was accounted for at a watching site in San Juan Bay, Puerto Rico on Wednesday evening.
  4. Hurricane Irma notices have been issued for parts of Puerto Rico, the northern shoreline of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, the southeastern the focal Bahamasamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. This incorporates Vieques and Culebra. 
  5. A typhoon cautioning is essentially for the southern bank of the Dominican Republic from Cabo Engano westbound to the fringe with Haiti and for the shoreline of Haiti from south of Le Mole St. Nicholas to Port-Au-Prince. A hurricane cautioning is likewise in actuality for the Cuban areas of Guantanamo, Holguin and Las Tunas.
  6. A tropical storm watch is likewise essentially Cuba from Matanzas Province eastbound to Guantanamo Province and the northwestern Bahamas.
    Low breeze shear, expanded mid-level dampness and expanding maritime warmth content support that Irma will remain a capable tropical storm (Category 4 or more grounded) for the following a few days, however some force variances are likely on occasion. At this force, little deviations in wind speed won’t change impacts. An immediate hit will be cataclysmic.
  7. Given the hearty idea of Irma’s structure, it is conceivable that it will hold quality longer than as of now expected, possibly into the Florida Straights as a Category 5.
  8. Irma has been a Category 5 typhoon for over a day and a half, which positions it as the seventh longest enduring Category 5 in the Atlantic bowl, as per Dr. Phil Klotzbach. Irma could take a keep running at the longest enduring Category 5 typhoon by Friday.
  9. For the following three days, Irma will move west-northwest on the south side of an edge of high weight called the Bermuda high, focused in the focal Atlantic.
  10. By this end of the week, Irma will start to hand north over the course of a withdrawing southward plunge in the fly stream that will set up in the eastern United States. Where that northward turn happens will be basic for what impacts Irma may convey to parts of the southeastern United States.

    Note: A watch means the conditions are possible within 48 hours. Whereas, a warning means those conditions are expected within 36 hours.

Here’s a general diagram of the planning for impacts from Irma into this end of the week.

Potential Impact Timing 

  • Dominican Republic/Haiti: Thursday; Typhoon drive winds will arrive before the actual arranged time Thursday in the D.R. what’s more, late morning Thursday in Haiti.
  • Turks and Caicos: Late Thursday-Friday
  • Bahamas: Friday-this end of the week; Hurricane compel winds may arrive before the actual arranged time as late Thursday
  • Cuba: Friday-this end of the week; Typhoon drive winds may arrive before the actual arranged time as Thursday night
  • Southeast United States: This end of the week into ahead of schedule one week from now, starting in south Florida Saturday

U.S. Estimate: Watching Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas Closely

While it is still too early to limit specifics on the correct way of Irma’s inside and eyewall, it is winding up likely that a noteworthy tropical storm strike on at any rate some portion of South Florida, including the Florida Keys, will happen this end of the week.
The quality and extensiveness of the Bermuda-Azores high finished the Atlantic Ocean and the planning, profundity, and area of a southward plunge in the fly stream close to the eastern U.S. will manage where and when that northward turn happens.

As indicated by the most recent NHC gauge, the focal point of Irma might be near South Florida by Sunday morning, with conditions going downhill as of now amid the day, Saturday and declining for southwest Florida on Sunday.
Hurricane Irma watches are probably going to be issued on Thursday for segments of the Florida Keys and the Florida promontory.
Nonetheless, as the NHC reminds us, normal mistakes in the track of the focal point of an Atlantic tropical violent wind 4 to 5 days out are in the vicinity of 175 and 225 miles, which can have an extensive effect in impacts.
Until further notice, all inhabitants along the Southeast drift and eastern Gulf Coast, including Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, should screen the advance of Irma intently.
Ahead of schedule one week from now, the potential outcomes extend from the focal point of Irma being found two or three hundred miles east of the Florida or Georgia coastline to being in western Georgia.
Moreover, Irma’s breeze field will be substantial, in this way, risky surf and beach front flooding will probably exist all through the southeastern U.S. coastline even well far from Irma’s inside by late week.

Forcast for:

  1. Puerto Rico,
  2. Hispaniola,
  3. Cuba,
  4. Bahamas

Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

The eyewall of Irma, containing the most noteworthy, most ruinous breezes, and the typhoon’s external groups are currently pulling far from Puerto Rico. Hurricane constraints twists (39 or more mph) will decrease their grasp on the island region amid the early morning hours.
Also, a tempest surge of 2 to 4 feet is conceivable along the northern bank of Puerto Rico, alongside a tempest surge of 1 to 3 feet along the southern shoreline of Puerto Rico. Conditions ought to enhance rapidly by later Thursday morning.

Hispañola, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas and Cuba

Irma will probably go close Hispañola, the Turks, and Caicos, the Bahamas, and Cuba in the not so distant future into the end of the week as a noteworthy sea tempest. Republic and Haiti, the Turks and Caicos, southeast Bahamas, and territories close to the north bank of Cuba. Hazardous tempest surge will arrive Thursday in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands, with a few zones in this archipelago accepting an immersion of 15 to 20 feet above ordinary tide levels. This surge will be joined by ruinous waves.

It is conceivable that Irma will make landfall some place on the northern Cuba drift at some point late Friday or on Saturday as a noteworthy tropical storm. The Hurricane’s conditions will be conceivable along the drift and a couple of miles inland if Irma makes landfall or nears the drift.

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Forecast Storm Surge Flooding

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