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Capstone Project is an assignment which has to be submitted at the end of an educational period. In high school, capstone project can be done as a beginner course, but in college or graduate school, the level of difficulty can increase with time. It is assigned to students so that their rational thinking skills can be flourished and it serves as a learning experience through the whole process.  It is comparable to a college thesis, as capstone project also requires a high level of research to be done. The capstone project has a number of kinds but mostly the student is required to conduct a thorough investigation on a topic, and then combine it to a final report, research or presentation.

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Students are told to select a social problem which interests them and then carry out a research on that subject. An assortment research finding is supposed to be kept. This is then reformed into an assignment, presentation or a documentary which is supposed to be presented in front of a live panel of teachers.

Process of a Capstone Project

The whole process of a capstone project is to engage the student into productive work. Their problem-solving skills are put into work and research skills, planning, teamwork and communication skills are also assessed. Students are also evaluated on their knowledge of the subject. The students are encouraged to link their capstone project to the existing concerns of the real world. The research process could also include the use of interviews, questionnaires and observations, which would gain extra marks.

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