Essay: What is Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social Anxiety Disorder is a psychological disorder and as its name implies is a fear in an individual of socializing or public interaction due to a highly conscious state of mind. A number of people suffer from this disorder all over the world. People suffering from this disorder tend to experience an increased heartbeat rate, faces turning red, and apparent discomfort when in public gatherings.

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Essay: Alcoholism

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Drinking, although very common all over the world is actually not a very fascinating idea from a health point of view and can have long-lasting damages to the functionality of the body. Most of these damages are not instantly visible and as one age out, their effects become evident. Alcohol is a depressant and comprises mainly ethyl alcohol. The effect has on the human body is such that it tends to slow down the body’s reactions and numb out the brain and the nervous system. Its effect is so intense that even a glass of it severely dampens the mind, causes thinking to become unclear and excessive consumption of it makes people pass out.

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How to achieve your goals when you feel demotivated in your studies

Feeling demotivated in your studies is the worst feeling in the world. Students tend to opt for assignment writing help, essay writing, or any other academic writing help to overcome this feeling. When feeling demotivated, you may feel as though you are lost and do not have a certain direction to focus. Furthermore, you do not feel motivated or have the drive to put in your effort. Continue reading “How to achieve your goals when you feel demotivated in your studies”

Essay on How the Government has impact My Life?

In every aspect possible, bad or good, everyone’s life whether be it male or female is influenced by the government. As the world we reside in is made by us, thereby, it is entirely in our hands what we do with it. It is essential to make political decisions deliberately, as we depend on one another both on the international and local level. Competing interests can be considered well by democracy along with their integration in satisfactory compromises leading to provide a hearing to all groups. Continue reading “Essay on How the Government has impact My Life?”

Things you need to know about Heather Perry

Heather Perry is still a guru in the film production industry. She has always relied on the latest trends of technology to bring development and victory in her entire career. The duo is a prolific producer and director of a famous film firm. Besides relying on technology, she also has a bold character, and her dynamic nature has always been her stronghold. The duo also engages other experts in the field to ensure that she meets her targets and increase her level of production besides, she also focuses on pleasing her fans and as a result, she often involves them in most of her decision-making procedures. Continue reading “Things you need to know about Heather Perry”

World Cuisine


 The types of food people are coming to know are growing day-by-day. Our love for food is greater than ever. Food habits are shaped by environment, available ingredients, climate, and even factors like class and income. Though food is first and foremost a basic necessity, it is also a cultural symbol, i.e. Sushi is synonymous with Japan, fish and chips conjure up images of Britain, and tacos are associated with Mexico. Continue reading “World Cuisine”

The Company Case 5, GoldieBlox

The Company Case 5, GoldieBlox: Swimming Upstream against Consumer Perceptions

1.)    Of the factors that influence consumer behavior, which category or categories (cultural, social, personal, or psychological) best explain the existence of a blue toy aisle and a pink toy aisle? Why? Continue reading “The Company Case 5, GoldieBlox”

Essay on Disadvantages of Using Social Networks in Business

Business Owners

Business owners are facing a variety of new preferences and selections with the swift boost in the utilization of social networking websites. Businesses are spending billions on social media marketing in order to promote their products or services effectively. The major drawback of employing social networks in the form of marketing tools is the intensive time needed to go through and administer the ins and outs of every medium. Given that social networks are available in various settings and forms and each of them needs its own distinguishing approach towards individualization and engagement. Following are some of the major cons of using social networks in business: Continue reading “Essay on Disadvantages of Using Social Networks in Business”

How to replace ‘you’ in an essay?

Importance of formal paper in an academic text

When writing academic text students must keep in mind that pronouns I, you and we are not suitable for both academic, professional, and formal paper. When writing academic paper students must keep in mind to sound impersonal, objective and functional. Furthermore, words such as me, my, you’re, yours, and ourselves are unsuitable. These words are only applicable when the writer is the central focus, such as in a CV. For a perfect formal paper, students must follow the formal essay writing rules when working on their academic task. Continue reading “How to replace ‘you’ in an essay?”